ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Memory Problems, Lack of Coordination, Muscle Weakness

BG is an 11 years old male in 5th grade Elementary School with learning disabilities and memory problems. His mother refers that he cannot remember what he studies or reads. He lacks concentration, is distractible, hyperactive, un restful, doesn´t reason, very nervous, irritable, walks without coordination, cannot do physical education, gets tired easily, and many times a day cracks all his body joints. His mother refers that his grades were very low since he started first grade despite the help of his parents and older brother. He cannot comprehend mathematics. This year he finished school with bad grades and is doing make-up courses at school.

He was born at 35 weeks, Cesarean section with fetal suffering, his skin was purple, and was placed in an incubator for few hours. At 6 months old he fell down from his bed. At 9 months old his baby walker turned over. At 18 months old he fell on his back and had a bump in the back of his head.

TREATMENT. - He started Neurological Restoration treatment on November 29, 5005.

Dec 2, ´05 after the 3rd treatment session his relatives found him relaxed, calm, less irritable, and eager to study and learn.

Dec 6, ´05 after the 4th treatment session his relatives say that he has initiative and got the highest grade in his make-up course.

Dec 16, ´05 after the 7th treatment session his relatives say that he can understand and resolve math problems. Now he is interested in reading.

Jan 3, ´05 after the twelfth treatment session his mother says that he is still cracking his body joints but less often.

Jan 19, ´05 after the 14th treatment session he says that now he understands his reading, that he can easily do math problems, that he can remember things, that he has better concentration, and feels calmer.

Mar 9, ´05 after the 18th treatment session (school started a month ago, he is in first grade Middle School) he says that he is getting good grades in math, now he remembers what he studies. He is coordinated while walking; he is good in physical education and does not get tired as before.