Cerebral Palsy, Right Hemi paresis, Aphasia  

MP, 4 year-old boy is brought by his mother for treatment in January 1998. She refers that MP was born premature, 27 weeks of gestation with placenta previa, weighing 1.350 gr. He was placed in an incubator for 7 weeks because of a respiratory tract infection. At discharge his weight was 1.800 gr. When he was one year-old, the mother noticed that he could not sit down without cushions around him, his feet were in plantar flexion and crossed over and his knees tight together. The mother took him to a Medical Center where they took x-rays and they informed her that his right lower extremity was one centimeter shorter than the left and referred him to another place. He started daily physical therapy, early stimulation, and speech therapy at a specialized center. At that center the mother was told that he had secuelae of prematurity, with cerebral palsy, psycho-motor retardation, hypotonic, right hemi paresis, aphasia and they confirmed the difference in length of his lower extremities. 

On physical exam a weak boy that is laying down, unable to sit without cushions or to turn over. He cannot speak. He cannot stand up because his legs are too weak, he cannot stay in a crawling position. With help he can stand up with his lower extremities crossed, his knees tight together, and his toes pointing down. (Scissoring and bilateral club foot). 

Neurological Restoration treatment 

Feb2, ´98 Video was taken before starting the treatment and after every 5 sessions.
Feb6, ´98 After 5 sessions his mom and aunt refer that he is better and he already has strength to walk holding to the wall or furniture. (Video taken)
Feb11, ´98 After 10 sessions he can climb two stairs and jump slide. (Video taken)
Mar3, ´98 After 15 sessions he can crawl with reciprocal movement of arms and legs. (Video taken)
Mar25, ´98 After 20 sessions while laying down he can turn over and stand up by himself. (Video taken) 
Apr8, ´98 After 25 sessions he is able to walk three steps by himself. (video taken)
Apr16, ´98 After 30 sessions he can walk alone slowly and carefully without help. (Video taken)
Jun26, ´98 After 40 sessions his mother refers that he is walking long distances without getting tired.
Ago3, ´98 After 45 sessions his mother refers that he talks about everything, he no longer uses diapers, he speaks fluently and correctly even in diminutive.
March 2002 He is attending school, he practices all sports, and he is a good student.